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The Midwest Rustic

Wooden Gingerbread House Kit

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Have you or your child ever made a gingerbread house? It’s a favorite Christmas tradition! And you put so much work into making it, just for it to be thrown away..

Well what if I told you that you could make your gingerbread house and then keep it forever?

Then you could get a new one the following year and slowly build your village, all the while, preserving family memories!

these kits include:
🎅🏼 4 walls
🎅🏼 base piece
🎅🏼 2 roof pieces
🎅🏼 10 exterior decorative pieces
🎅🏼 LED stringed lights for inside
🎅🏼 4 paint colors
🎅🏼 4 paint applicators
🎅🏼 super glue