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The Midwest Rustic

Embark: Weekly Notepad

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When you’ve got a goal (or 18) you have to keep your focus so you can achieve it. Whether it’s improving your health or financing your first house, it takes determination, perseverance, and hard work. Most importantly, it requires planning out key actions you need to take to keep your mind and heart involved each step of the way.

Writing down your weekly goals makes them real. It also keeps you on top of everything you want to accomplish, one week at a time. Embark Weekly Planner will help get you sorted in a way that’s engaging and rewarding:

Discover what you want to get out of every day
Create a weekly to-do plan without overwhelming yourself
Motivate yourself to meet your weekly goals, one step at a time
Strive for healthier living by tracking your habits & fostering new ones
Meet (and surpass) all those goals by recording your top 3 weekly priorities
Embark Weekly Planner features 52 non-dated A4 size pages (to cover an entire year) made with responsibly harvested, high quality paper (100 gsm, FSC certified). Cardboard backing and glue top.


100 gsm
cardboard backing
FSC certified paper – paper harvested in a responsible manner
52 pages-
Size A4 (10.2 x 7.9")
Glued on Top

Product Dimensions

10.2x7.9 in