About Us

Meet the Maker

I am Brianna - the owner and face behind The Midwest Rustic. I create all of my wood mosaics, moss scapes and laser pieces in my little shop in Rockford, IL. Everything is handcrafted from my hands to your home. I use a lot of reclaimed materials as well as new. Moss has often made an apperance in my work. I have a deep love of nature, so natural wood tones are often a feature in my work. I also wear every hat in my business, whether its planning designs, setting up this very website, marketing, shopping for the best lumber, shipping orders, answering emails or taking orders. This business has really exploded and has blessed my life so much. When I am not working in the shop or store, I am with my three kids at home or hiking.

My Reason

My son, Emery, and my daughters, Lyla and Addison. Emery is my skateboarder, Lyla is the family artist and Addison is the store's personal shopper. We of course have a slew of animals; Roxanne, our German Shepherd, Luca, our oversized cat, Ollie 2.0, our Bearded Dragon and Kelly, the overweight teddybear hamster.

The Collective

We also have a storefront, in historical downtown Rockford, IL. It is a collective of 40+ local artists and small businesses. I have carefully curated our store to offer a comforting experience for anyone that walks in. We have pottery, hand stitched and cut leather goods, hand poured candles, baby/toddler clothes, women's clothes, home decor and of course wood art that are all locally sourced. We are also dog friendly (So please bring in your dogs, I beg you). Also, peek at our personal shopper/decorator, Addison.